Adapting conservation agriculture for rapid adoption
by smallholder farmers in North Africa
Australian Centre for
International Agricultural Research

FERNANA platform, Tunisia

The delegation of Fernana (Governorate of Jendouba), is located at about 170 km northwest of the capital city of Tunis. The platform of Fernana is located in a sub-humid zones (mean annual rainfall 700 mm) with an accentuated landscape implying soil losses due to erosion and accelerated water run-offs. Conventional cropping systems are typically based on biennial rotation between faba bean and wheat rotation carried out on sloped lands. Wheat yields despite the rainy conditions are low, around 13qintals per hectare. Most of Fernana farmers are small with over 80% of them holding less than 20 hectares and 20 heads of sheep of the local barbarine fat tail type and a few crossed breed herds of cattle