Adapting conservation agriculture for rapid adoption
by smallholder farmers in North Africa
Australian Centre for
International Agricultural Research

Adapting Conservation Agriculture for Rapid Adoption by Smallholder Farmers in North Africa :
Conservation Agriculture for North Africa (CANA)

Project number : CSE-2011-025
ACIAR program area : Cropping Systems and Economics
Duration : June 2012-June 2015

Conservation agriculture (CA) practices offer the opportunity to conserve natural resources, cut down production cost while reducing yield fluctuation and associated risk.

The project aims to promote adoption of CA by smallholder farmers in North Africa to reduce natural resource degradation and to increase productivity, profitability and sustainability of the crop/livestock systems in the region

The project will identify and address the constraints to adoption of CA systems by small-scale (<10 ha) and medium-scale (<20 ha) farmers (smallholders); develop low-cost machinery and adapted cropping systems; and upgrade the CA capacity of the national agricultural research systems

A participatory research, networking and knowledge sharing among the three core countries (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) and Australian partners will be implied.